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Jeffrey Knowlton-McElhiney
Pipe Major

Pipe Sergeant Jeff Knowlton started his Celtic history by telling all his friends and family that they would NEVER EVER catch him in a kilt.  A quote that he for sure will never live down.


The first time his friends and family did catch him in a kilt was at the 2001 Gillette Celtic Festival, where he competed in the athletic games, tossing a Caber.  A couple of years later he realized that playing pipes would be a lot less strenuous activity (or so he thought) so he picked up a practice chanter and played Amazing Grace.

Since that day he has been hooked.  Two months later he competed at the first annual Rapid City Games and took 3rd place in the slow march competition.  Since then he has been deemed the 'Nazi Piper' due to his attention to detail and stubborn attitudes towards less than a perfect pipe band. Although he hasn't run anyone off yet, he will if he doesn't get it his way.


2005 will mark the first year he competes under the WUSPBA at the Grade IV Level.


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